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Book Review: The Charm of Lost Chances (Dunnhill Series Book 2) by Lucia N. Davis

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5 stars

Recovered from her harrowing ordeal in the quiet village of Dunnhill, Sara decides to return in order to see if the spark she felt with the handsome realtor David was real or just a figment of her frazzled nerves. With the mystery of the baby on the back porch solved, she has no reason to suspect Dunnhill has anymore surprises in store for her. But shortly after her arrival, new dreams plague Sara… dreams of a little girl, a haughty teenager, and an axe-wielding hulk in the shadows. What could it all mean?

Adding to the trauma of these new dreams, David’s stunningly beautiful “friend” Taylor enters the picture, feeding Sara’s insecurities and threatening her fledgling relationship with David. As she follows the clues presented in her dreams, Sara learns about the tragic disappearance and presumed murder of a young girl. But as her dreams progress into nightmares and her health deteriorates, it quickly becomes obvious to everyone that this time Sara’s recurring dreams may come with a price.  

Slightly longer than the preceding short story (this one’s 80 pages) we are treated to more characters. The colorful Pops (David’s grandfather) plays a larger role in this story, helping Sara and David fill in the missing history. The theme of lost chances was well executed, with Sara jeopardizing her possible future in Dunnhill just as the historical characters from her dreams lost theirs. The tragedy of the mystery was poignant. Paired together, The Baby on the Back Porch and The Charm of Lost Chances make for a delightful afternoon diversion. 

Ready to visit Dunnhill for yourself? Grab your Kindle Unlimited copy HERE and enjoy!

Book Review: The Baby on the Back Porch (Dunnhill Series Book 1) by Lucia N. Davis

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5 stars

What a delightful cozy mystery with a hint of the paranormal! Following a personal / family tragedy Sara leaves the hustle & bustle of big city life behind and rents a cabin the the quiet Cascade village of Dunnhill. With a handsome landlord, a cozy wilderness cabin, and the promise of peace it’s the exact recipe for healing she’s been looking for. But when a grizzly bear makes an appearance in her backyard, things start to take an ominous turn. Plagued by dreams, the likes of which she’s never experienced before, Sara finds herself compelled to try to solve the mystery. 

This little story (38 pages) is a wonderful example of the short story medium used to full effect. Sara’s character and her motivations are revealed succinctly with the mystery doled out at a perfect pace. The ending is satisfying while leaving readers eager to learn if Sara will return to Dunnhill and the possibly budding relationship with her handsome landlord David. Well done!

Like so many books I read & review, this little gem is free to read via Kindle Unlimited HERE.

Stay tuned for my review of its follow-up story, The Charm of Lost Chances. 

Book Review: Asael’s Nature (A Series of Angels #3) by Joel Crofoot 

😇😈😇😈😇 5 out of 5 stars

I am in love with this series! Each book builds upon the predecessor, so if you haven’t read Michael’s Passion or Ramatel’s Vow you really should. Although the romance in each book follows a bit of a formula the background action and the brewing battle between our group of angels and risen demon(s) against the spawns of Hell is as intriguing as ever. 

This book features Asael, the Angel of Metalworking. However, since his rise from the pit he’s taken on the mantle as the Angel of Punishment; his chosen outlet is via a secret gig as a dom at an exclusive BDSM club. Outside the club, though, Asael definitely has a softer side, demonstrated when Isda, a healing angel we met in book two, flashes into Gabriel’s compound after demons seek her out. What they want from her is a mystery, but it may have something to do with Isda’s research into the capabilities of demon tears. The interactions between good-girl Isda and tatted & pierced bad-boy Asael were delicious. Isda knows she shouldn’t, but the pull toward Asael is too strong to ignore (yay for us!). 

I loved the inclusion of a mortal this time around. Jahi’s therapist gets drawn into the fray and her reaction to learning the truth was wonderfully believable… not to mention comical. The battle continues to heat up, with our angels still largely in the dark as to what the demons are planning. But it’s got to be something major. The way Joel Crofoot interweaves all his various characters is impressive and creates a thrilling tapestry. Can’t wait for the next book!

Read my reviews of Michael’s Passion and Ramatel’s Vow and then go grab your copies of all three. Asael’s Nature is available via Kindle Unlimited HERE and (bonus!) the whole series is free until 8/12/17 if you’re not a KU subscriber. Act fast!!

Cover Love… just because (subtitled #indieauthors rock)

Have I mentioned lately how special, generous, amazing, wonderful and just damn awesome the Indie Author community is? I’m sure I have, but if you missed it before you’re hearing it now. I love being an Indie!

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you might have seen my very first ebook covers. They were nowhere even remotely close to good, but a year ago I knew nothing and no one and, well, a girl’s gotta start somewhere. Thankfully, a few weeks in I made some connections and some very generous & talented folks helped me out. XOXO Then, in the past couple weeks another influx of cover possibilities came my way. Squeee!

We all know the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying, but the truth is we do it anyway. Although I was pleased with my current cover line-up, with these new arrivals I decided to switch things up a bit. Can’t hurt, right? Ready for some reveals?

First up: Desolation Gulch. On the left is the cover I’ve used for the past year, made by the talented Katie Cody. For the update, I was treated to this gorgeous piece by fellow author Nicole R Locker (who also did the cover of From the Shadow by the way).

Next: Mirror, Mirror also received a facelift. The original, on the left, is once again by Katie Cody Designs. There are things about this cover that I really love (the bound hands hold special significance to the story) but it was time for something different. Enter the indomitable Annie Arcane! She sent me a surprise ‘I always see you posting reviews of indie books on your blog and wanted to say thank you oodles for being such a superstar’ message along with a new cover option. Am I spoiled or what?

And finally, feeling inspired, I decided I would flex my cover muscles and see what I could do with an update for my free short story Fractured. This was the only original Jess J cover I was sporting, and I still like it, but I caught the bug and decided to go for broke. Original on the left and new-and-improved on the right. Whadya think?

Well, at the end of all this rambling, I just need to say thank you to this crazy online family of fellow authors I’ve connected with. The ❤️ Indie Love ❤️ is just amazing! Remember to read self-published & indie books whenever you can. These guys and gals deserve it!

Book Review: Nite Fire – Flash Point by C.L. Schneider 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 5 out of 5 stars

Prepare to be sucked in by this gritty, dark urban fantasy. Filled with mystery, danger, dragons, shifters and all manner of intriguing fantasy creatures, Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is one helluva ride! Dahlia Nite has secrets; but her deceptions are necessary. After fleeing her home in disgrace, Dahlia lives in the human world in her human form, taking contract jobs and protecting humanity from the magic all around. With a death sentence hanging over her head, the human realm is a safe-haven from her fellow lyrriken shifters. Homesick for Drimera, she knows she can never return. But when her one remaining Drimeran contact, Oren, puts her onto a case with obvious lyrriken involvement, the past she has spent nearly a century outrunning looks to be catching up with a vengeance. 

Nite Fire: Flash Point has everything an urban fantasy should: action, danger, a well formed mythos, interesting creatures with diverse powers, and a hero you can get behind. In Dahlia Nite, C.L. Schneider has created someone special. She’s tough, conflicted and smart, with a dark past casting shadows on her every action. Pulled deeper and deeper into her investigation, readers get to witness the aloof shifter draw close to the humans around her, possibly developing the first real friendships in her long existence. But what price will she pay for these connections? And can her new friends accept the truths hidden in plain sight? Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is full of action and intrigue, a must-read for lovers of urban fantasy, and an addicting start to a series.

Wanna read it for yourself? Check it out HERE, availabile to read free via Kindle Unlimited. 

**Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite**

Book Review: Mann Cakes (a Beach Pointe Romance) by Mysti Parker

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars

Talk about delicious! Mann Cakes (cheeky!) introduces us to the hunka-hotness twin brothers Tanner and Garrett Mann. Just returned from deployment in Afghanistan, they find their computer business burned to the ground and their friend Will killed in the blaze. With the prospect of starting from scratch, the brothers decide to move back home to the small town of Beach Pointe to regroup. But things aren’t going to be easy, especially when Tanner’s old flame Paige and her feisty younger sister Morgan enter the picture. It gets a little too hot in the kitchen! 

There was so much to love about this little morsel: Tanner and Paige, with a rocky past and feelings that are clearly unresolved… Garrett and Morgan who are just made for each other, but neither could ever work up the courage to do anything about it… The mystery of who has it in for the brothers and what lengths they’ll go to for their revenge… The struggles of Paige as a single mother with a special needs child… Not to mention the sexiest food fight ever!! It was the perfect recipe! 

Get your fill of Mann Cakes (available in Kindle Unlimited) HERE.

Facebook Event: Summer of Mystery 7/27-7/30

All weekend long, join authors and readers at the Summer of Mystery Facebook event. Games, prizes, FREE BOOKS… Come join the party!

Yours truly is participating and will be giving away a copy of Mirror, Mirror to one lucky winner. Will it be you?

Here’s a sampling of some of the books up for grabs:

I don’t know about you, but I love me a good mystery! And with several mystery sub-genres represented you’re sure to find some great reads! Hope to see you kicking around the Facebook event later!

If you don’t win your copy of Mirror, Mirror during the event, all hope is not lost! She’s on sale thru 7/31 for only 99 teensy tiny pennies. 

Book Review: Angel’s Nightmare Adventure by Angel Ramon

⭐️⭐️ 2 out of 5 stars

Angel’s Nightmare Adventure is actually a pair of short stories, chronicling a (possible) zombie outbreak in New York City. The first short features Angel, a high school student going in for surgery. After awakening from anesthesia he finds himself in a now-deserted hospital full of zombified patients, staff, and a few Zombie-frogs & spiders just for variety. The second short, running on a tandem timeline, features rookie cop Luis as he’s sent to investigate a strange death in a mansion owned by the mysterious Hybrid Corporation. 

I try to avoid commenting on editing on my reviews, but this book is sorely in need of major revisions. Misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and text that changes from present tense to past tense and back again within the same sentence… it was too much to ignore. The story’s content was fairly predictable for a zombie apocalypse survival, but I do give the author props for a fun twist at the end of each story. If you’re a fan of zombie video games, this little book will likely be right up your alley, but for me it felt like I was reading a video game walkthru. 

If you’re curious, you can check it out for yourself via Kindle Unlimited HERE.

Book Review: Loved by a Killer by C.F. Rabbiosi

⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 3.5 out of 5 stars

Okay, I’m not gonna lie: I’m a sucker (pun absolutely intended) for a good vampire story. Loved by a Killer does not disappoint in that regard. From the outset, readers are treated to a unique story told, primarily, from two POVs: the young, beautiful dancer Raina and the unapologetically monstrous vampire Marcus. When Marcus sets his sights on Raina we just know nothing good can come of it for poor Raina. 

Probably my favorite part of this book was the author’s take on the origins of the vampire race. It was fresh and new, something hard to come by in the vampire genre. Another fun addition was the fact that the story takes place parallel to the Jack the Ripper killings, events which threaten Marcus’s secret lifestyle. Readers are even treated to one chapter from the Ripper’s POV which was pure maniacal candy. 

Unfortunately, the dialogue was a bit anachronistic. Certain phrases and statements made throughout the narrative kept pulling me from the moment, while I so desperately wanted to stay in 1880’s London. Occasionally the plot felt as if it wandered, as if too many threads were trying to be woven together (an example and minor spoiler: the ghost of Marcus’s servant possessing dead bodies to exact revenge against her killer didn’t, to me, seem like it was necessary or that it quite fit with the rest of the book’s events).

That said, I still quite enjoyed Loved by a Killer. The author has a knack for writing the gruesome bits, with plenty of detail but not so much as to be gratuitous. Raina’s inner turmoil as she adjusted to her new life with Marcus was very well written, as was her body’s inclination to respond fervently to his touch. Sultry, bloody and intriguing best describe Loved by a Killer and I’ll certainly read the follow-up Loved by the First when it’s released.

Read it for yourself via Kindle Unlimited HERE

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