Book Review: Dungari Rise by Nikki Landis

🚀🚀🚀🚀🛸 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve hemmed and hawed for days, literally, about how to start this review. Dungari Rise is a unique romance that manages to blend a plethora of genres and themes. Post apocalyptic: check. Dystopian: check. Enemies-to-lovers romance, Science fiction, space travel and aliens, Political intrigue and social commentary: check, check, and check. I mean, my head is still spinning with all the story elements and I finished reading it days ago. “Is this a good thing?” you ask, and I say “Yes!” When a story won’t leave you after the final page, that’s definitely a good sign.

One of my favorite elements of Dungari Rise was, not surprisingly, Tuvari and Synika’s tumultuous relationship and romance. Synika’s original feelings of anger and resentment toward Tuvari were understandable and realistic, as was her gradual warming. Watching her trust, then doubt, then trust again might’ve given me whiplash but it was certainly a fun ride.

Another favorite part of the journey was learning the real reason behind the Dungari’s subjugation of earth and the sexual slavery into which human women were forced. While the Dungari means & methods were deplorable I found myself understanding their desperation and forgiving them (to an extent).

There was so much creativity in Dungari Rise! From the explanation of Earth’s near-demise, to spaceships and the Dungari home-world… The politics of an alien-controlled Earth, the resistance movement… Even the introduction of humans altered by the post-apocalyptic fall-out and now living completely separate from the rest of humankind in subterranean cave systems. Ms. Landis has quite the imagination and paints a vivid, addictive picture for her readers.

At times there was so much “other” stuff happening and, as a reader, I just wanted Tuvari & Synika’s love story to stay center stage. I think that’s my only complaint and why my final rating was 4.5 instead of a solid 5 stars. This was my first book by Ms. Landis I will definitely be searching out more of her works!

You can find Dungari Rise on Amazon HERE and it’s currently free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


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