Free e-book & Excerpt: For Love of the Phantom by Davyn DeSye

Everybody loves a bargain, right? And what better bargain is there than a free ebook? Maybe one featuring everyone’s favorite Opera Ghost and his “precious little ingenue?”

My author-buddy Davyne DeSye is offering book 1 of her Phantom Rising series FOR FREE ONE DAY ONLY on January 27, 2018. Trust me when I say you don’t wanna miss this opportunity.

You can read my original 5-Star review of the book here, and then cruise on over to Amazon to nab your copy. If you miss out on the freebie day, don’t despair. It’s currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited so subscribers can still nab it that way. And if you still needed an enticement, how about a little excerpt to whet your appetite?

Christine, still clasping Raoul’s hand, looked back at the dreaded, beloved façade of the Opera House. Her breath left her in harsh gasps, as did Raoul’s. Raoul pulled her toward the street fronting the great building.

We have escaped!

Dropping her hand, Raoul signaled to a passing cabby. Christine fought the impulse to clutch at Raoul and instead raised the back of her bare wrist to her face, surprised, still, at the tears that littered her cheeks.

Surely I do not cry for Erik! But even as she thought this, another thought, Poor Erik, brought a fresh blur to her vision. She closed her eyes and dabbed at the corner of each eye with the knuckle of one gloved hand. When she opened her eyes, she looked upon Raoul – her beloved Raoul! – holding the door to the cab and reaching a solicitous hand toward her.

“Raoul. Raoul, you have saved me,” she said. Fresh tears flooded her eyes and cascaded down her cheeks. This time, Christine knew, the tears were those of extreme tension and relief. Not joy. Not yet. Her freedom was too newly won, too nearly beyond belief, for Christine to weep for joy.

“Come, my love,” Raoul said in softly urgent tones, “Let’s away, before we discover he has reinstated your evil sentence.”

Christine gratefully accepted Raoul’s hand and pulled upon it as Raoul lifted himself in beside her. Then, they were in each other’s arms.

“Raoul, Raoul,” she murmured against him, her head pressed to his chest.

“My darling,” he whispered, but instead of continuing to nuzzle her, his head swiveled to gaze out the windows of the moving cab. With Raoul’s watchfulness, and his arms around her, Christine felt safe.

I wonder how long we will both be peering over our shoulders for the specter of Erik. I wonder how long I will still hear him moving, as he once did, in the walls around me.

Christine shuddered, and Raoul tightened his arms about her and spoke into the curls of her lustrous, golden hair. “Hush, my love. You are safe at last.”

Christine wished she could believe this simple statement, so confidently and quietly delivered. The energy that powered their escape – always with the nightmarish feeling that they were being followed by mere inches, that a hand would close upon them at any moment – still kept her breathing rushed, her cheeks flushing with heat.

She inhaled a long and tremulous breath, held it, and slowly released it. She forced herself to relax, to sink more deeply into Raoul’s arms.

This – this! – is warmth and safety and love.

Hot tears sprang to her eyes and littered Raoul’s torn shirtfront. When the cab stopped, Christine reluctantly released Raoul and gathered her skirts to debark.

“No, Christine, you go on. I must make arrangements.” Raoul did not look at Christine, but glanced back and forth, first up, then down the street, as if he expected to meet Erik bounding toward them.

Fright descended upon Christine with a crashing weight, and she nearly leapt from the cab into Raoul’s arms. “Raoul! You cannot leave me!”

Her frantic tone, and her unseemly scramble across the seat of the cab toward him awakened Raoul from his own hurried thoughts. He signaled to the driver to wait, and re-entered the cab. Christine clutched him to her, again hiding her face against his chest.

“Christine, my darling, my love,” he crooned, as he stroked her hair. “I will never leave you.” Raoul disentangled himself from her arms and pushed her back until he could look into her eyes. “I am going to make you my wife. We will be exquisitely happy together.”


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