Book Review: Witch Hunt on Crystal Lake (Moon Investigations Book 1) by Brittany Batiste

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5 stars

What a delightful mystery! Witch Hunt on Crystal Lake is a lively blend of cozy mystery and supernatural fantasy. After reading this book I think I figured out why I don’t read too many cozies; they’re just too mundane. I like a little fantasy in my life, and Witch Hunt delivered that.

Hazel Moondance is a witch. She lives on an island populated by a plethora of magical beings: elementals, shifters, vampires, ghosts, dragons and more. Apparently, some time in the distant past, all magical beings were forced to withdraw from human society and now reside on a series of islands. Where these islands are, exactly, is still a mystery, but since this is the first in a planned series I imagine we’ll learn more in the future.

The world was familiar but oh-so-different at the same time, peppered here and there with so much magical wonder. Ms. Batiste’s writing style is crisp, the story told with a staccato rhythm that suits her main character and narrator, Hazel. Speaking of Hazel: what a great MC! She’s plucky, determined, a little unsure of her abilities, but 100% content to be doing a job she loves and helping other people (even if the pay is barely enough to make ends meet).

My one complaint is that the ending of the book seemed to come about so quickly. It’s a short book, in the 150 page range, but the climax of the story came and went so quickly I almost wondered if I’d somehow skipped a few pages. Likewise with the story’s resolution: the ending was upon me before I was really ready. But I guess that’s a good sign. I didn’t want to leave Crystal Lake! There are some unanswered questions (the biggest being the bad guy’s motives) but again, with this being the first in a planned series, I have faith that these questions will be answered later in some over-arching storyline. Might I be wrong? Possibly. But is it worth the bet? Absolutely!

As with most of the books I read, you can nab this one via Kindle Unlimited HERE.


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