Book Review: Loved by the First by C.F. Rabbiosi

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5 stars

Raina, Raina, Raina…. you are one hot mess! And I can’t get enough of you.

So, heads up: Loved by the First is book two in a series. If you haven’t read Loved by a Killer then you’ll absolutely want to do so before sinking your teeth (wink wink) into this little morsel. While book 1 was a great read, I found book 2 to be full of even more raucous fun!

Raina, or Rain as her friends and I like to call her, is living the best of two worlds. After securing her freedom from her maker, Marcus, she is living a life of intrigue with her dashing mortal beau Andrew. But the dream isn’t destined to last. When Marcus resurfaces and shares the terrifying news that Varo, the very first vampire, is after Rain as a means of getting revenge against Marcus, Raina has little choice but to abandon her love and beat a hasty retreat. America should be far enough away, right? Ha! Not a chance.

When she arrives in America Raina finds one of her favorite diversions: a serial murderer know as the Silver City Strangler. Just the thing to whet her, um… appetite. She also makes some new friends: a pair of wounded outsiders who seem willing to accept Rain for exactly who she is. But Varo is hot in her trail, in all his handsome, fearsome glory, and promises to bring death to her door. Despite her fear of him, Rain is also intrigued by him and manages to strike a bargain: Varo will allow her to live only long enough to bring an end to the Strangler.

What I adore most about these books, and what was executed even more splendidly this time around, is Ms Rabbiosi’s use of notorious historical serial killers in the telling. It’s such a delicious mix of fact with the vampire fantasy fiction! The vampire mythology she has created is truly unique and really fleshes out as we learn more about Varo’s human existence and his tragic ‘end.’ I can’t wait to learn more. The supporting characters, Raina’s new friends Phoenix and Kyle, are fragile and damaged gems! I looked forward to their appearances on the page. Then there’s our MC Raina… as I stated earlier, she’s a hot mess. Her one constant is her mercurial state. That girl falls in and out of love with the rapidity of her nickname, makes up her mind and then changes it, and basically makes me want to throttle her every few pages or so. But I wouldn’t change her for the world!

Take a chance on this gruesomely unique vampire saga. You won’t be sorry. And, like me, you’ll be eagerly awaiting book three!

Find this one HERE and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber like me you can read it for free.


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