Book Review: Somewhere My Lady (Ladies in Time Book 1) by Beth Trissel

🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 5 out of 5 stars

True love never dies… or so we’ve been told through the ages. But what happens when true love does die? When two souls, fated to be together, are torn apart? Somewhere My Lady, by Beth Trissel, poses those very questions. Hired for a summer job at Harrison Hall, a historical colonial mansion, Lorna Randolph never expected to see ghosts, nor to be reunited with a handsome soldier her heart and soul knows… even though her mind cannot place him. Hart Harrison’s life was shattered when his fiancé was taken by fever, but after she appeared to him in a vision promising her return, he vowed to wait as long as was needed. Now, fate has brought them together again within the enchanted walls of Harrison Hall. Skipping backward and forward in time, between current and colonial eras, Lorna and Hart must solve the mystery of their past if they are ever to have a future together. 

Beth Trissel creates a sumptuous feast for her readers. The two worlds, modern and colonial, were clearly delineated by both atmosphere and dialogue. Small details take on great importance and pull the reader into the world. The romance between Lorna and Hart is classic, timeless, and inevitable. The young lovers are surrounded by a delightful cast of characters, both from our time and the past. Somewhere My Lady is a sweet, clean romance with unexpected twists. If you’re looking for a time travel romance with something unique, look no further. 

If a little time warp sounds fun, you can snag your copy of Somewhere My Lady on Amazon HERE.

**Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite**


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