Book Review: The Mistress of the Vampires (Amelia’s Chronicles Book 1) by Deliaria Davis

🖤🖤🖤🖤 3.5 out of 5 stars

In honor of Halloween, I went in search of a suitably-themed book morsel to devour and came across The Mistress of the Vampires (Amelia’s Chronicles book 1) by Deliaria Davis. This monster-mash is a genre-bending blend of erotica, horror, vampires, trolls, zombies, gladiatorial combat, and revenge killings. I’m all for genre mashups, but given the short length of this novella (56 pages) you can sometimes wind up with too much of a good thing, as might be the case here.

Amelia is the daughter of two bad-ass monster slayers, Frank and Delsa, and although she loves her parents she is frustrated by their reluctance to allow her to join them on their monster-hunting missions. Daddy Frank has his reasons, however; three years ago, Amelia was enthralled and almost captured by the Vamp leader Draco, who seemed intent on making Amelia his vampire queen. Now, three years later, Amelia’s thoughts (and her dark sexual fantasies) are still influenced by Draco. Can she be trusted? Then, just before Halloween, when all the monsters come out to play, Amelia is captured by Draco and her parents are given an ultimatum: fight in Draco’s arena and win their daughter’s freedom or die trying.

What I loved about this book was the concept and Deliaria Davis’s fearless blending of so many elements. Amelia clearly loathes everything the monsters stand for, being raised a slayer and all, but with her mind awash in thoughts of Draco she is easily swayed by his seductive powers and the freedom of his blood lust. Unfortunately, due to the short nature of the novella, we really don’t get to experience Amelia’s angst. She very quickly flips from an ‘I hate you’ attitude to recklessly reveling in her new life. The depictions of the various monsters, and the addition of some new nightmare creatures for those who think they’ve seen them all, was well executed. Their hunger and their reckless abandon while on the hunt was intoxicating. I really enjoyed this book and devoured it quickly, a surefire sign that I liked it. But Amelia’s character arch could’ve been nuanced just a bit more. The Mistress of the Vampires left me hungry, like a newborn vampire ready to feed. 

Wanna get your fill of vamps & slaughter this Halloween weekend? You can get your hands on Amelia’s Chronicle HERE.

**Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite**


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