Book Review: The Charm of Lost Chances (Dunnhill Series Book 2) by Lucia N. Davis

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5 stars

Recovered from her harrowing ordeal in the quiet village of Dunnhill, Sara decides to return in order to see if the spark she felt with the handsome realtor David was real or just a figment of her frazzled nerves. With the mystery of the baby on the back porch solved, she has no reason to suspect Dunnhill has anymore surprises in store for her. But shortly after her arrival, new dreams plague Sara… dreams of a little girl, a haughty teenager, and an axe-wielding hulk in the shadows. What could it all mean?

Adding to the trauma of these new dreams, David’s stunningly beautiful “friend” Taylor enters the picture, feeding Sara’s insecurities and threatening her fledgling relationship with David. As she follows the clues presented in her dreams, Sara learns about the tragic disappearance and presumed murder of a young girl. But as her dreams progress into nightmares and her health deteriorates, it quickly becomes obvious to everyone that this time Sara’s recurring dreams may come with a price.  

Slightly longer than the preceding short story (this one’s 80 pages) we are treated to more characters. The colorful Pops (David’s grandfather) plays a larger role in this story, helping Sara and David fill in the missing history. The theme of lost chances was well executed, with Sara jeopardizing her possible future in Dunnhill just as the historical characters from her dreams lost theirs. The tragedy of the mystery was poignant. Paired together, The Baby on the Back Porch and The Charm of Lost Chances make for a delightful afternoon diversion. 

Ready to visit Dunnhill for yourself? Grab your Kindle Unlimited copy HERE and enjoy!


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