Cover Love… just because (subtitled #indieauthors rock)

Have I mentioned lately how special, generous, amazing, wonderful and just damn awesome the Indie Author community is? I’m sure I have, but if you missed it before you’re hearing it now. I love being an Indie!

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you might have seen my very first ebook covers. They were nowhere even remotely close to good, but a year ago I knew nothing and no one and, well, a girl’s gotta start somewhere. Thankfully, a few weeks in I made some connections and some very generous & talented folks helped me out. XOXO Then, in the past couple weeks another influx of cover possibilities came my way. Squeee!

We all know the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying, but the truth is we do it anyway. Although I was pleased with my current cover line-up, with these new arrivals I decided to switch things up a bit. Can’t hurt, right? Ready for some reveals?

First up: Desolation Gulch. On the left is the cover I’ve used for the past year, made by the talented Katie Cody. For the update, I was treated to this gorgeous piece by fellow author Nicole R Locker (who also did the cover of From the Shadow by the way).

Next: Mirror, Mirror also received a facelift. The original, on the left, is once again by Katie Cody Designs. There are things about this cover that I really love (the bound hands hold special significance to the story) but it was time for something different. Enter the indomitable Annie Arcane! She sent me a surprise ‘I always see you posting reviews of indie books on your blog and wanted to say thank you oodles for being such a superstar’ message along with a new cover option. Am I spoiled or what?

And finally, feeling inspired, I decided I would flex my cover muscles and see what I could do with an update for my free short story Fractured. This was the only original Jess J cover I was sporting, and I still like it, but I caught the bug and decided to go for broke. Original on the left and new-and-improved on the right. Whadya think?

Well, at the end of all this rambling, I just need to say thank you to this crazy online family of fellow authors I’ve connected with. The ❤️ Indie Love ❤️ is just amazing! Remember to read self-published & indie books whenever you can. These guys and gals deserve it!


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