🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 5 out of 5 stars

Prepare to be sucked in by this gritty, dark urban fantasy. Filled with mystery, danger, dragons, shifters and all manner of intriguing fantasy creatures, Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is one helluva ride! Dahlia Nite has secrets; but her deceptions are necessary. After fleeing her home in disgrace, Dahlia lives in the human world in her human form, taking contract jobs and protecting humanity from the magic all around. With a death sentence hanging over her head, the human realm is a safe-haven from her fellow lyrriken shifters. Homesick for Drimera, she knows she can never return. But when her one remaining Drimeran contact, Oren, puts her onto a case with obvious lyrriken involvement, the past she has spent nearly a century outrunning looks to be catching up with a vengeance. 

Nite Fire: Flash Point has everything an urban fantasy should: action, danger, a well formed mythos, interesting creatures with diverse powers, and a hero you can get behind. In Dahlia Nite, C.L. Schneider has created someone special. She’s tough, conflicted and smart, with a dark past casting shadows on her every action. Pulled deeper and deeper into her investigation, readers get to witness the aloof shifter draw close to the humans around her, possibly developing the first real friendships in her long existence. But what price will she pay for these connections? And can her new friends accept the truths hidden in plain sight? Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is full of action and intrigue, a must-read for lovers of urban fantasy, and an addicting start to a series.

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**Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite**