⭐️⭐️ 2 out of 5 stars

Angel’s Nightmare Adventure is actually a pair of short stories, chronicling a (possible) zombie outbreak in New York City. The first short features Angel, a high school student going in for surgery. After awakening from anesthesia he finds himself in a now-deserted hospital full of zombified patients, staff, and a few Zombie-frogs & spiders just for variety. The second short, running on a tandem timeline, features rookie cop Luis as he’s sent to investigate a strange death in a mansion owned by the mysterious Hybrid Corporation. 

I try to avoid commenting on editing on my reviews, but this book is sorely in need of major revisions. Misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and text that changes from present tense to past tense and back again within the same sentence… it was too much to ignore. The story’s content was fairly predictable for a zombie apocalypse survival, but I do give the author props for a fun twist at the end of each story. If you’re a fan of zombie video games, this little book will likely be right up your alley, but for me it felt like I was reading a video game walkthru. 

If you’re curious, you can check it out for yourself via Kindle Unlimited HERE.