Book Review: Death of a Debutante (Riley Rochester Investigates #1) by Wendy Soliman

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars  

It’s summer in London, 1870. A stifling heat wave has tempers on a short fuse, and Detective Riley Rochester is about to encounter a case that will test his mettle in more ways than one. Death of a Debutante, by Wendy Soliman, introduces us to the fledgling Detective Division of the London Metropolitan Police. But Riley isn’t your typical detective; he’s the second son of a marquess, a distinguished member of the aristocracy, one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, and a conscientious detective out to prove he’s not just “playing” at police work. When a charming young socialite is found murdered while attending a musicale soirée in the home of the prominent businessman Lord Ashton, Riley must walk a tightrope between two worlds in his quest for justice. 

As the first book in a planned series, Death of a Debutante sets the stage for an addictive historical mystery saga. Author Wendy Soliman has crafted a lovely character! Riley Rochester is intelligent, determined, and suave. His dedication to his job is one which clearly comes from the heart, a choice his high class family cannot understand but one we as readers can get behind wholeheartedly. Secondary characters, such as Riley’s right-hand man Sergeant Salter and his dear friend the widowed Mrs. Amelia Cosgrove, are equally well rendered. Plus, the budding romance between Riley and the feisty Amelia is endearing. Death of a Debutante flows at a steady clip, with a plethora of viable suspects, motives and deceptions… enough to keep Detective Rochester running until the shocking conclusion. 

You can check it out HERE on Amazon. 

**Reviewed for Readers Favorite**


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