🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟 5 out of 5 fishy stars  

What a sweet and informative tale! “Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse” by Meaghan Fisher and illustrated by Tim Rowe is, as the title suggests, an engaging tale about a young fish on his very first school field trip. (Get it? Fish school! My daughter and I couldn’t stop giggling about that.) Tyler and his class will be visiting an historic landmark on Lake Eerie, the Lorain Lighthouse don’tcha know, and the young fish couldn’t be more excited. As his teacher and their fish guide tell the children all about the history of the Lighthouse, Tyler learns a very important lesson… one the human children who read this book will be sure to appreciate as well. 

The style and text of “Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse,” as written by Meaghan Fisher, is well composed and keeps her target audience well in mind. Geared toward children grades K thru 2, it’s is a simple, straightforward plot and narrative which manages to cleverly deliver some important historical information about the real Lake Eerie lighthouse. I read Tyler the Fish with my 10 year old daughter, seeking a youngster’s impression, and she assured me the 1st graders in her reading buddy group at school would’ve loved this book! Paired with the sweet text are the delightful illustrations of Tim Rowe. Truly charming color illustrations pull children even deeper into the story of Tyler’s classroom, the lake, and the lighthouse. Perfect for youngsters early in their reading adventures, “Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse” will entertain and educate your young reader while simultaneously providing an illustrative feast for their eyes. 

This title is currently available on Amazon in paperback & hardcover formats, and is sure to delight your little swimmers!

**Reviewed for Readers Favorite**