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Insane!! So many heart-stopping moments. I found myself reading faster through many tense moments. My mind racing with possibilities. In my eyes, every new character was a suspect.

We are immediately introduced to Samantha Williams, reporter for the Oregon Tribune. Her editor and boss, Tony, sends her out to cover a tragic accident. Tractor trailer. Multiple cars. Two dead.

Long-time friend and long-time roommate, Jen, is nearby when Sam’s world collapses. Jen helps pick up the pieces and tries to get Sam back on her feet.

Sergeant Joe is a favorite contact for reporter Sam. She relies on their friendship to get the scoop on various stories. In fact, he feels more like family to her.

Cue Joe’s new partner, Patrick. I pictured sparks and fireworks; the whole shebang! To Sam and Patrick, the connection felt real. How is that possible after only knowing each other a short couple…

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