Book Sales! Mark your calendars. 

This Saturday, July 1st will be a BIG day for book lovers! Two super-duper special promos are heading your way. What, pray tell, is all the fuss about?

First up, for ONE DAY ONLY, Support for Indie Authors brings you the Beach Reads Title Wave. Visit and fill your beach bag with a variety of titles and genres, all free or only 99¢ 

Then, for those with a hankering for some extra summer heat, Love Indie Romance brings you Sizzling Summer Reads. On July 1 & 2, visit There’s gonna be more hot romance than one girl (or guy, we’re equal opportunity) could possibly need, and you know what I say? Gimme more!

You’re definitely gonna want to get in one these sales! Each group will also be hosting Facebook events, so be sure to drop by their pages for a great time. Take it from me, indie authors know how to party! The SIA Facebook link is HERE, and for Love Indie Romance you’ll wanna go HERE

Please share the love! Reblogs, tweets and Facebook shares are appreciated.


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