Reading With the Family & a Brief Review of Hollow City (Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children) by Ransom Riggs

My son says 4 stars, my daughter says 5… so let’s settle on a 4.5 shall we?

I think I enjoyed this second installment even more so than the first. The action kept coming in perpetual waves and that ending?! Holy cow! Such a fun story to read aloud and share with the whole family. ❤️


Not much of a review, I know, but that’s not the focus of this post. Rather, I’d like to take a moment to pontificate upon the joys of sharing literature with your children. 

I have two: a boy (6 months shy of 13) and a girl (65 days away from 10). If you’re wondering, they were peering over my shoulders as I typed, insisting I ‘age them up’ while I wanted nothing more than to freeze-frame these moments of their youth. 

When my son was just a baby a dear friend, who knew I loved reading and had no idea what to give Troy for that momentous first birthday, decided to buy him a book. Much to my delight, it was not your typical children’s book, but rather a (then) little know YA Fantasy book called Eragon. I was so excited! 

Some people thought I was crazy, sitting in my recliner or on the sofa with a baby in my lap, reading aloud a book everyone said he couldn’t understand. But you know what? He loved it! Fussy, teething, cranky as hell… the second that book came out and my voice floated toward him he would settle down to watch and listen, rapt. Even if he didn’t follow or understand the story, he understood one thing: mommy was in the moment with him. And so was born our family’s routine. 

Books were chosen that would entertain not only the kids, but hubby and myself. When weather permitted, we would read outside in the front yard after dinner… flashlights at the ready for paperbacks, an extension cord and charging cable for the e-reader. Friday and Saturday nights were prime: the kids (sometimes hubby too) knew they could wheedle Mom for ‘just one more chapter’ without the worry of school or work the next morning. 

Now that they’re older, I dread the day when they don’t have time for our book-ventures. When sports or school projects or (shudder) girlfriends/boyfriends monopolize their spare time. But for a while at least, their time is still mine. And we have a whole summer’s worth of reading lined up. 

Read to the kids (and adults) in your life! Have friends with children? Do what my friend did: buy them a book the whole family will enjoy. Give them the gift of worlds and of a lifetime love of the written word. 


3 thoughts on “Reading With the Family & a Brief Review of Hollow City (Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children) by Ransom Riggs

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  1. I have Dragon & The other two as well. Love Ransom Riggs! Wasn’t too impressed with the MPHFPC movie though. I was rather disappointed, which is a shame cause I’m a fan of Tim Burton movies.

    Great post!

    PS. Reading to babies is great. All my kids love it 😉

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