Book Review: Crow Girl by J.B. Trepagnier

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5 stars  

What starts out as an apparently straightforward story about a grumpy widower who takes in a wounded and feral child… Wait? Did I say straightforward?!? Nope. Nothing straightforward about this story!

Liam is, as mentioned, both recently widowed AND sacked from his job of over thirty years as a newspaper reporter. With nothing else to occupy his time Liam decides to take up an old hobby: writing. Perhaps he’ll write a book? Settling into the peace and quiet of his solitary cottage, brewing his own beer and gardening in his small patch, the last thing he expected was to shoot a trespassing intruder. But when that intruder turns out to be a frightened young girl, Liam’s life takes a crazy turn. 

Early on, it appears that the tale will follow a supernatural track with talk of sidhe and banshee. I mean, come on, the girl can communicate with crows! But when Liam brings her home from the hospital to recuperate things veer toward the sweet and endearing. Watching Liam, who never had children of his own, struggle with how to teach a fully grown, non-communicative young woman the concept of using an indoor toilet was adorable! 

If you’re looking for an action-packed story, this isn’t that kind of book. This is a tale to be read at a leisurely pace. It’s a story about what makes a family: the obstacles, the arguments, the struggles, and the rewards. The author did a great job investing me, as a reader, in the characters. Liam’s growth is almost as remarkable as his crow girl’s. A heartwarming read!

As with so many of the books I feature, this one’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. You can pick it up HERE


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