Book Review: Step Right Up (Sirkus av Magi Book 1) by Lichelle Slater

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars  

Step Right Up is a very interesting read. Part sci-if space saga, part magical fantasy, with a murder mystery to solve, and a healthy dose of coming-of-age thrown in there’s a little bit to love for everyone. I felt I could identify with the MC Crystal right from the get go. She’s young, with something to prove and a father she idolizes. So when Crystal finds her father’s dead body and tracks his killer to the spaceship of a traveling circus…what’s a girl to do? Sneak her way on board and find the murderer of course!

Along the way, she makes many friends and allies, each as likable as the last. Far and away the crowd fave though, I’m sure, will be Ite: a grammatically-challenged size-changing furball with a heart of gold. To say I want an Ite in my life is no joke. He’s adorable!

The storyline and writing bridges that young adult / adult gap nicely. It’s a book I can see my 9 year old daughter loving, same as I’m sure her brother (13) will. If you’re looking for a book to read aloud as a family I highly recommend this one!

Crystal travels to some amazing places and meets a ton of folks, not all of them human. Each was described well by the author, in such a way as to give the reader a lovely sketch upon which to let our imagination color. Brilliantly done. 

Be forewarned though: major cliffhanger ending! If that’s a big deal to you, consider yourself warned. Otherwise, this is a highly enjoyable book your whole family will love. 

Unlike most books I’ve reviewed here as of late, this one is not enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. But it’s currently available to download for only 99¢ HERE. Worth every penny!


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