Book Review: Sweet Discovery (Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 2) by Aliya DalRae 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars  

Ebook release date: April 2, 2017

Please join Aliya for her Facebook Release Party this Sunday. 

Holy guacamole! Aliya DalRae has done it again. This second installment of the Jessica Sweet trilogy ratchets up the angst and drama while staying true to Jessica’s quirky nature and wry humor. 

Things are not all wine & roses for Jessica and Raven. Women are dying, found murdered (annihilated, really) in a manner not seen since Raven’s former bad-boy self ‘The Rapist’ was in action. Top it off with the fact that Jessica’s had a vision showing Raven-The-Rapist in action, and you’ll understand what I mean when I say things between them are a tad stressed. 

I love love loved the fact that we got to spend time in this book with both King Cat / Malcolm and Harrier. Being in their headspace was fun. These two males brought so much to the story this time! Not to mention they’re both sexy-as-sin. I call that a win-win. 

One of my fave aspects of Ms. DalRae’s writing are her short, punchy chapters. I hate having to put a book down mid-chapter, so this works for me. What didn’t work for me, per se, was the “one more chapter” mentality at bedtime… since they’re short and completely engaging chapters I kept saying one more until next thing I knew it was pretty much morning! Curses! But it was so worth it. 

**I recieved an electronic ARC of this book from the author which I then chose to voluntarily review**

Paperbacks of Sweet Discovery are available on Amazon now, or check back Sunday for your e-book (also in Kindle Unlimited). Don’t forget about her Release Party! It’s gonna be sweet!


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