Book Review: Mercy, Bound, Released (Complete Trilogy) by Natalie Bennett

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

The title says it all: dark erotica indeed. Holy cow! If you’re not prepared to stare into darkness, this book is not for you! Consider yourself warned. 

Morgana and Julian are two very broken people. And the way they feed off of and into each other is a mobius strip of torment, but they just can’t seem to get enough. 

The first part, Mercy, was by far my favorite. As the story continued in Bound & Released, though, I felt like some of the momentum was lost. I still clung to the pages, waiting to see how things would go, but a little of the magic had worn off. 

There are so many twists to his story! I applaud Ms. Bennett’s audacity in telling such a dark tale and for an ending which, while shocking, feels right for the narrative.

If you’re in the mood for darkness and danger, you can pick up Mercy, Bound, Released on Kindle Unlimited HERE.


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