Book Review: Shatter Me – The Awakening (Book 1) by Birdy Rivers

⭐⭐ 2 out of 5 stars

Where to start with this one? Let’s see; a red pen and three read-throughs for editing would be top of my list. While not every page had issues, the editing, spelling and grammar issues in this book were rampant. Sentences lacked structure, had missing punctuation, or were so long and nonsensical as to leave me scratching my head. Case in point: 

How could be turning seventeen be affecting me this much? 

There were others, many, many others. I’m willing to overlook the occasional editing blip, but in this case it was too much and too distracting. 

So what does this story have going for it? Well, it was free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. That’s a start! All kidding aside, I liked the story’s concept. A teen girl learns on her 17th birthday that she is a witch, descended from one of the magical realm’s most powerful families. She has to come to terms with her new reality while learning all about spells and potions. Definite potential! The tone of the book, though, had me convinced I was reading a book meant for teenagers… until I got to the sex scenes. Definitely not something I’d want my teenager reading! *blush*

Overall, if this book were edited thoroughly and if you don’t mind a younger-toned read, this one could be worth your time. You can check it out HERE if you’re so inclined. 


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