Book birthday!

Okay gang, I’ve got a few things going on today. 

1) It’s my birthday! 🎼Happy birthday to meeee🎶 One of my life’s goals was to become a published author before the age of forty. As such, I’ve been slowly-but-surely getting my three e-books ready for paperback and trickling them out via Amazon’s KDP Paperback platform. Mirror went to paperback before Christmas, Gulch made the leap at the end of January. Then, this last Sunday I ‘hit the button’ on my last paperback release: From the Shadow. It was like the stars aligned… 

A few weeks ago, fellow indie author Nicole R. locker gifted me a new & improved cover (check it out over yonder). Then, as if Amazon knew my birthday was coming, they expedited the process and Shadow went live last night, in record time, just in time for my big four-o. Needless to say, I’m one happy book momma!

2) My newest book-buddy, Lichelle Slater, released a new book yesterday (Feb 28th). Step Right Up is currently only 99¢ on Amazon and sounds like a wonderful read. I actually won a free copy during Lichelle’s launch party and cannot wait to read it. The cover is just delicious, isn’t it?

Here’s the blurb from Amazon: 

Crystal has a typical teenage life: a best friend, a crush, and a father who rescues slaves. He’s training her to do the same, but when the Sirkus av Magi shows up for a special one-day performance in her little town, Crystal’s life is turned topsy-turvy. After sneaking off to see the show, she returns home to discover a stranger fleeing the scene of her father’s murder. After chasing the culprit back to the circus, he escapes without a trace.

Heartbroken and desperate to catch her father’s killer, Crystal steals a jet, stows away on a shuttle, and finally sneaks aboard the Sirkus av Magi in search of her father’s murderer.

As Crystal’s pool of suspects shrinks, she becomes close with several of the performers: the fire breather dragon, shape-shifting animal, and others. But things aren’t always what they seem. Crystal is forced to make a choice: follow in her father’s footsteps, or find his murderer.

Which will she choose?

Step right up and find out!

I should get around to reading Step Right Up in a couple weeks, so watch for a review on this one soon!


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