Book Review: Sweet Vengeance (Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 1) By Aliya Dalrae 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

If you pick up this book (seriously though, pick it up right now) be prepared to get completely sucked in! If it hadn’t been for a flu bug knocking me on my proverbial backside for four whole days I would’ve been dead to the world for a whole other reason. Instead, I was forced to take a hiatus midway through this book. Talk about sucks-ville!

Ms. Dalrae has woven a wonderful story. Her heroine, Jessica Sweet (great first name BTW) is really sweet. As in slang for kick-ass! And what’s even better is that she has no idea how badass she really is. She’s just a normal “nothing special to see here folks” kinda girl. Oh, except for the fact that she has these psychic visions, premonitions of the future that always come true. Like I said, just your run of the mill average girl. 

Add to Jessica’s psychic ability the fact that outta nowhere she finds herself in the company of Vamps, Sorcerers and Weres embroiled in some centuries old war and you’ve got a recipe for a stellar story. But Ms. Dalrae doesn’t stop there; we’re also treated to an impossible attraction between sweet Jessica and one sexy as sin Vamp named Raven. 

The two main characters were fabulously portrayed. I loved the backstories of both characters. While both sad, Raven’s held its own unique flavor of tragedy. The supporting characters were each little gems in their own right. Jessica’s best friends Piper and Alexander “Alex” created a really fun and believable dynamic. Then there was Raven’s crew: an elite group of Vampire warriors dedicated to enforcing Vampire law and keeping Vamp existence a secret from all humans. (Side note: After this trilogy wraps, if she’d like to treat us to a book featuring each of the Vamps on “the Team” I’ll be first in line for my copies. Start with Tas please. Then Harrier; he may be an ass, but he’s a sexy one!)

The tension, both of pending war between the supernatural and that of the sexual variety between Raven and Jessica, was well maintained through the entire story. As the first book in a trilogy, the ending was satisfying but with just enough turmoil left brewing that I absolutely cannot wait to sink my fangs into the next installment! I loved this book. Thank you for an entertaining and addicting read.

To get your copy, visit Amazon. It’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited. 


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