Book Review: Buried Ladies by Angela Hausman 

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 out of 5 stars

Wowza! Where do I start? Buried Ladies has a lot going on. I mean A LOT! A suspected murder vs missing person, a serial killer, drug smuggling, computer hacking, clandestine government operations, and daring (and, need I say, illegal) international rescue attempts. I seriously wondered how the author was going to pull it all off, but to my pleasant surprise it all came together nicely.

In particular, I loved how interconnected the stories of Estella’s disappearance and the “Buried Ladies” serial killer were. While as readers we know the two cases aren’t directly linked, it added a misdirect for the detectives and other characters in the story, and ended up with a satisfying payout as the story progressed.

With all the aforementioned action, you can imagine there were quite a few characters to track as well. I was impressed by how quickly and effortlessly Ms. Hausman was able to introduce each of her primary players. I found myself caring for them immediately. There are so many main characters though, that some of the secondaries (Jaime’s brothers, for instance) felt kinda glossed over in my opinion. Not enough to detract from the overall feel of the story, mind you, but enough so that I had to at least mention it.

While this book is the first installment in a series, Buried Ladies wraps up and ends nicely. No worries about huge cliffhangers! Yay. It gives us a conclusion but with wonderful potential for future stories. I’ll look forward to the next book.

Want to read Buried Ladies for yourself? Pick up a copy HERE (it’s free on Kindle Unlimited).


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