“Mirror, Mirror” New Cover Reveal

I never claimed to be a graphic designer, and like a total newbie I thought I would just create my own ebook covers when I self-published this July. I fumbled my way through photoshop and came up with three covers. One of them I actually like and am kinda proud of, but the other two? Meh.

Enter Katie Cody, my lady-knight in shining armor! I connected with Katie via the Goodreads group Support for Indie Authors (SIA). The SIA group has been such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support. I seriously wish I’d found them before I published! But any-who, I digress.

I’m getting ready to do print on demand paperbacks of Mirror, Mirror and realized I was totally out of my depth in making a suitable paperback cover. Not to mention that my existing cover was, well, less than stellar. Katie was willing to tackle a cover update for me. The only prompts I gave her were that I wanted to incorporate the titular mirror and that I’d always pictured a pair of bound hands in the reflection (this is how the killer’s first victim, who happens to be the mirror’s original owner, was found). I might’ve also mentioned some pink fingernail polish. 😉 Within no time, and with zero fuss might I add, Katie sent me a new cover. 

Here’s the cover before: 

Now check it out after Katie worked her magic:

Talk about insta-love! It’s everything my writer’s brain had imagined but that my non-artist self could never deliver. Katie delivered it in spades! She was an absolute joy to work with! Fast, no-nonsense, and with an “I’m not done until you’re one-hundred-and-ten-percent happy” attitude… I know exactly who to turn to for my next cover!

Check out her website katiecody.com for more details. This girl’s the real deal. 

I can’t wait to see my new cover on Amazon!  


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