So this post is a tad off my usual topic (books, books, and more books) but today my little city of Grants Pass, Oregon raised the largest flag in the state as part of a truly beautiful tribute to our country and her veterans.


The atmosphere was one of hope, pride and honor. Despite (or perhaps in defiance of?) the turmoil occurring elsewhere, everyone here came together for the right reasons: to honor our nation and pay well-deserved homage to our veterans.


As if watching that gigantic flag unfurl on a gentle breeze was not enough (I’d be lying if I said my eyes were dry), in flew a pair of WWII planes in what will probably be one of the most memorable fly-bys I will ever experience.
To those who worry about or doubt the future of our great nation, please take heart. Take strength and solace in your neighbor, your fellow man, and step forward in love and unity. I extend a heartfelt thank you to my community: neighbors, friends and strangers who came together in the true spirit of our country.