“Mirror, Mirror” (excerpt) Read it Free on Kindle Unlimited

img_3601How is it humanly possible that Saturday is upon us already? This week has flown by, and it was certainly an eventful one.

When I published my three books this summer I was unsure what platform and/or program was going to work best for me, so I spread the love: Desolation Gulch and Mirror, Mirror went live to both Barnes & Noble and Amazon, while From the Shadow went into Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. This week I took the plunge and pulled Mirror, Mirror from B&N, instead posting it exclusively with Kindle Unlimited. Subscribers can now read it for free!

Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite. Then hop on out to Amazon and get the full version… you’re gonna love it!


Sam could hear the two of them talking, she’d only pretended to fall asleep. She needed a moment to sort things out, to try and make order of the racing thoughts inside her head. Was it real? Or had she imagined it? She didn’t like the implications of either answer. Something inexplicably scary had just happened to her. Either that, or she was cracking up. 

Sam stood shakily in front of the mirror, reaching out hesitantly to touch its surface. Her fingers trembled uncontrollably, and she drew her hand back, afraid suddenly to touch the glass. Afraid it may not be real and afraid it might be at the same time. 

“What just happened to me?” she wondered aloud. 

Then, in a flash, the smooth pane of glass before her filled with the same image as before. Sam stood mesmerized, watching the scene play out before her again. As she watched, the figure in bed with her cousin rocked atop her in the unmistakable throws of passion. Sam could hear Emily’s voice crying out in ecstasy. Then there was that same strange crackle, and the scene jumped forward. Emily’s lover now stood by the window, his back to Sam, and Emily was asking him to untie her. But he never moved. 

“Come on,” Emily was giggling. “Untie me. Please?” Still nothing. “Untie me.” Sam could hear the discomfort growing in her cousin’s voice with every request. 

The scene crackled one more time. This skip brought the vision to its grizzly end. As Sam watched in horror, she saw Emily’s lover atop her again, this time wielding a knife. He let out a horrific sound, half laugh and half scream, as Sam watched the knife make its first vicious plunge into her cousin’s body. All the while, Emily screamed, and the knife flashed again and again. 

Just as suddenly as it began, the vision flickered and disappeared. Sam was utterly astounded by what she had just witnessed. She turned away from the vanity table and quickly strode out into the living room. She must’ve looked frightened, because as soon as Jen saw her she jumped up from the sofa and rushed to her side. 

“Sam? What’s the matter? What’s happened?”


Come on! You know you want to read more, so why deny yourself?


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