Book Review: The Elusive Highlander by Ju Ephraime

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3.5 of 5 stars

Where oh where to start? “The Elusive Highlander” is a quick, enjoyable lost-in-time romance. If I weren’t already such a huge fan of other, similarly themed tales (most notably the entire Highlander series by the indomitable Karen Marie Moning), this one may have rated even higher… but it was impossible for me not to make comparisons.
I enjoyed Ju Ephraime’s style and tone. Coira’s confusion at finding herself suddenly in 14th century Scotland was palpable.

However, there were a few inconsistencies that jarred me early and stuck with me through the rest of the story. While learning about Coira’s past and family we’re told her mother died in a car accident, then later she was sick and died in bed, then we came back to it being an accident. Also, it felt to me like Alasdair’s curse and immortality were never fully explained and kind of left dangling. He even promised to tell Coira more about his abilities (I for one would’ve loved to experience her reaction when learning he is a wolf berserker) but he never spilled the beans. That was a story element that either could’ve been expanded upon or left out entirely. All in all, though, these were easily overlooked and forgiven in the scheme of things.

The attraction and tension between Coira & Alasdair was well written and maintained. As a fish out of water, Coira’s ability to adapt to her surroundings was believably portrayed. I also liked the author’s narrative use of real historical events and battles to explain some of her character’s motivations. Lots of history woven into this romance!

If you enjoy kilted warriors and historical romance, I’d venture you’ll enjoy this escape!

I received a copy of this book from the author, which I then chose to voluntarily review.

Want to read it? Get your copy here.


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