Well, now what…?

I’ve finally done it. I started my very own, official blog site. Now what? Haha.

This summer was a whirlwind of activity for me, publishing my first three titles via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I had been writing for years and after finishing three books, I tried my hand at the ‘traditional’ publishing route: sending query letters off to agents and hoping against hope that something in my letter would make me stand out against the hundreds of similar pleas from authors around the world. Needless to say, after three or four years of sending out query letters and getting minimal return responses, I was disappointed. Every author feels their work is special (we wouldn’t write it otherwise) and it’s a blow to the ego to keep spinning your wheels and not really gain any traction.

Then, e-books arrived and over the next couple years, totally transformed the publishing industry. Suddenly, authors had control. We could decide what to publish, when and where to do it, and with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, send our literary babies out into the world. Sure, all the editing, cover design, marketing and advertising falls on us, but… small price to pay, right?

Since the moment I hit publish in late July, I’ve been enjoying the ride. Being an author was something I always was, it’s just that nobody really knew it. I still remember passing around copies of my novels to co-workers (the best beta-readers EVER btw) printed on copy paper, hole punched, and tucked reverently into three ring binders. Now, my books can reach readers all across the United States. I’ve even had some exposure overseas. It’s surreal.

I hope you’ll all follow along with my journey. I’ll share teasers about my books, new releases, as well as reviews of other books I’ve read. The written word is a gift, and the authors who share them with us are a special kind of hero.



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